Macbeth: First Designs

From our mood boards we then began to design the costumes. I did a little extra research into interesting knitting stitches and pieces.


Macbeth research – knit (1)

I always sketch out my initial ideas onto little figures so I can work out shapes and proportions quickly before working up into larger costume drawings.


Macbeth – 1st ideas

We had been asked to design groups of characters. I used loosely Shakespearian era fashions, using some contemporary textiles.


Macbeth 1st ideas – men


Macbeth 1st ideas – women


Macbeth 1st ideas – witches

The feedback I was given was to definitely use collage on my drawings. I was also advised to loose the period, which in hindsight was a mistake. Without looking to period references I floundered a bit. I had my fabrics and textures, knitted and woven wool, and fur, but I didn’t quite know what to do for shapes.

I then tried out some machine knitting samples. It had been a while since using a machine on my foundation, but after short time it all came back and I had a lot of fun with different yarns, making holes and ladders, weaving things in and out, and fringing.


machine knit samples

Next I tried out some more ideas, and designed the Macbeth’s coronation costumes.


Macbeth – design development


Macbeth – design development


Macbeth – coronation

My tutor was still a little unhappy with these, we agreed that they didn’t look quite wild enough (though I do think fur trousers are pretty wild). My tutor felt I had lost what she like from my mood boards – more messy, less refined materials, think about layering knits. I was encouraged to continue working on Lady Macbeth, and to think about whether she would dress for practicality (trousers) or is she less gung-ho than that? More design development needed.

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