Macbeth: Design Development

After feedback from my first few design ideas, I did a little more knit research before developing some new ideas for Lady Macbeth.


Macbeth research – knit (2)

I started thinking about layers of knits, contrasting fine with chunky, open and closed knits, loose and tight fitting. I began to think that trousers were not the right option for my Lady Macbeth. If she were that liberated and empowered would she not kill Duncan herself rather than have Macbeth do it? So while I tried her in knitted leggings I also put a knitted skirt with a slit over the top, so she while still having a relatively large amount of freedom of movement she is still a little restricted by the codes of her sex at the time. I scanned in some of my knitting samples and coloured them in photoshop before collaging onto my figure with them, and images of knitting from my research.


Macbeth – design development


Macbeth design development – Lady Macbeth


Macbeth design development – Lady Macbeth


Macbeth design development – Lady Macbeth

I was unhappy with these designs, I did not think they were quite the style I was going for with my production so I moved back towards my earlier silhouette and colour ideas. I kept a bit of layering and those chunky sleeves.


Macbeth design development – Lady Macbeth

My tutor still didn’t think I was capturing what my mood boards conveyed. She hinted it could be my method of drawing that wasn’t working. She also said that my designs had become too 20th century, which could be the fault of the boots. I was advised to go darker, so tried out my design in grey.


Macbeth design development – Lady Macbeth

Having my deign questioned made me a little unsure of myself. I felt a lot of pressure to have perfect design because it was going to be made, and would represent my skills in a costume show. I felt I needed to place it within the context of the other characters, and Lady Macbeth’s other costumes. So I set about designing the whole cast before I was ready to make my costume.

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