Macbeth: Final Designs

After concentrating on designing Lady Macbeth, I then went on to design for the rest of the cast (except the Witches), including costume changes. I felt I needed to place Lady Macbeth within the context of the other characters and her other outfits. I did a scene breakdown, and thought about what the characters would be wearing when. I had to think about their status’ and actions. Tartan was reserved for the royals, along with most of the fur. The Macbeth’s both have hints of blood red at different times after their act of murder.


Macbeth – design development

I spent a lot of time altering the colours of my chosen textile images, making sure they worked together to make an outfit.


Macbeth final designs – men


Macbeth final designs – Macbeth


Macbeth final designs – women

After that it was time to make one!

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